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Oct 3, 2012 6:00pm PDT
it is my way or the highway, i do not get a lot done. what i do is the same way ronald reagan worked some years ago. he laid out the principles he was going to foster. he said he will lower tax rates. he said he would broaden the base. you have said the same thing. will simplify the tax code, broaden the base. i will work together with congress to say, ok, what are the various ways we can bring down deductions. one way would be to have a single number. make up a number. $25,000, $50,000. anybody could have deductions for that amount. that is one way that could do pt. one could follow bulls-ssmpson as a model. -- bowles-simpson as a model. simplify the code and create incentives for growth. with regard to health care, you have remarkable details with resort -- with regards to my pre-existing condition plan.+ you have obviously studied my plan. i do have a plan with people with pre-existing conditions. as part of my health care plan. what we did with massaccusetts is a model for the nation state by state. i said the federal government taking over the health care for the entire nation and wh
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1